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Drug Repurposing for Rare Diseases 2022 is shifting its programme to match the new drug repurposing landscape.

Posted: 08.09.22

The drug repurposing field has shifted after stepping into the limelight during the global COVID-19 pandemic. We aren’t in the same place as we were almost a decade ago. The world is beginning to care about drug repurposing and is recognising the opportunities to repurpose a drug to treat an often rare and neglected condition.

Repurposing schemes, projects and ideas are all in place to accelerate access to desperately needed medicines – the answers have been right under our noses all along!

At Drug Repurposing for Rare Diseases 2022, Beacon is shifting its programme to match the new drug repurposing landscape; one that’s filled with hope, promise and innovation. Instead of inspiring attendees with case studies on how you could succeed with a repurposing project, they’re taking a more active approach by sharing how you can take your repurposing project to the next level.

Beacon has seen numerous projects come to the forefront that have drastically changed the repurposing landscape. These projects are making a measurable difference in the lives of patients. Structural changes have been introduced to improve how the scientific community approaches drug repurposing projects. Every innovation is advancing repurposing projects in a meaningful, patient-centric way.

Beacon’s programme will highlight those who dared to believe in drug repurposing and are bringing repurposed medicines to patients at an accelerated rate. Be sure to register for #DrugRepo22 to hear from the Centre for Drug Development, Cancer Research UK, MHRA, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, National Alkaptonuria Centre and more!

Discover three examples of the projects that’ll be discussed in more detail at Drug Repurposing for Rare Diseases 2022 below!


The REMEDi4ALL consortium is led by EATRIS and consists of 24 UK and European partners – Beacon being one of them! The REMEDi4ALL platform supports the translation of repurposing ideas so that vital medicines can reach patients faster.

NHS Repurposing Scheme

Learn how NHS England and NHS Improvement are working to bring existing and off-label medicines to license to increase patient access to treatments!

The Medicines Repurposing Programme is a multi-agency initiative that’s designed to strengthen the evidence base, licensing, supply and cost-effectiveness of repurposed medicines with the goal of creating equitable access in the NHS. Attend #DrugRepo22 to find out more!


LifeArc and MRC’s drug repurposing toolkit

Discover how LifeArc collaborated with the MRC to produce a toolkit that provides realistic advice, recommendations and guidance on how researchers and charities can move their repurposing programme forward.

Beacon is thrilled to see the scientific community consulting with patients, collaborators and funders before, during and after an innovative repurposing project. By bringing individual talents, expertise and knowledge to the table, drug repurposing projects can transform the patient experience. Beacon firmly believes that the rare community is greater than the sum of its parts when we aid each other and play to everyone’s strengths.

Attend #DrugRepo22 to gain the tools, connections and ways needed to bring your repurposing project to the forefront. The Drug Repurposing for Rare Diseases conference will help you deliver your repurposing project, so others can look to you as a beacon of hope.

Register to attend now and join the community on 10th October in London!