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Great NPUK Revival: August’s Fundraising Five

Posted: 14.07.20

As you may aware, unfortunately the Great North Run 2020 has followed so many other fundraising mass participation events this year and announced it will no longer take place. Whilst this is understandable as we adapt to life with social distancing, it is still likely to be hugely disappointing for would-be NPUK fundraisers who were looking forward to raising funds and awareness!

After a great suggestion from long-time volunteer Jan Patterson, we have decided to develop our own GNR fundraiser challenge, the Great NPUK Revival. As 2020 has been a year like no other, we want those in the community who are looking to fundraise, to base it on all things 20. Whether you love to bake, dance, run or sew, you can set yourself a “20 challenge” that suits you. Below are five fun ideas to get you started- but you can always come up with your own, the more creative the better! We hope that this will serve to revive 2020 and provide an opportunity to find a fun way to fundraise for NPUK!

1. Do a 20 mins of daily exercise over 20 days

If you’re a exercise lover, firstly I’m very impressed, but secondly, why not put it to the test for a good cause?

Make a pledge to do a 20 minute daily jog, walk, cycle, yoga session or run over 20 days. Or, if this is not for you or you don’t have the time, you could do 20 reps of the same activity daily, such as skipping or keepy ups with a ball.

Share your daily progress with friends and family, perhaps through social media if you feel comfortable using it, and ask people to donate to NPUK as a way to support you.

2. Hold a karaoke night

We all love a good sing along, right? Why not get together with friends and family on Zoom and hold a karaoke night.

Have a setlist of 20 songs, whether this is a song per person or more/less depending on the amount of attendees and ask all those taking part to make a donation.

3. Guess the baby photo

This idea is always super fun. Contact 20 of your friends and family members via email or social media and get them to share their baby photos. You could compile these together and get participants to guess which baby photo matches which adult. Ask those taking part in the competition to make a donation to NPUK if they are able to.

4. Hold a coffee morning over Zoom on the 20th of the month

Get together with friends and family over Zoom on the 20th of the month and hold a coffee (and cake) morning and ask attendees to make a small contribution to NPUK where possible.

You get to have a nice catch-up and a chat whilst raising money for a good cause…win win!

5. Do a readathon over 20 days

Are you a total bookworm? Or perhaps you’ve been meaning to start a particular book but just haven’t got around to it yet?

Why not set a pledge to read a certain amount over 20 days? You could pledge to read 20 pages a day, listen to 20 minutes of an audiobook each day, read for 20 minutes a day, or read a set amount over 20 days- it depends on you! Share your target with with friends and family and ask them to donate. You could even challenge them to get involved too.

It’s that easy! 5 fun ways to get involved with the Great Niemann-Pick Revival this August, but there are so many other ways you can get involved, check out our next blog post in September for five more ideas or come up with a fundraiser that suits you.

Once you have decided on what you want to do, you can set up a donation page via Virgin Money, Just Giving or through Facebook. NPUK have also set up a PayPal Giving Page to make fundraising super simple.

If you want any more information on this fundraiser or more advice on how to get involved, contact us by email at: or by phone on: 0191 415 06 93.