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Great NPUK Revival: September’s Fundraising Five

Posted: 02.09.20

As you may aware, unfortunately the Great North Run 2020 has followed so many other fundraising mass participation events this year and announced it will no longer take place. The Great North Run had been set to take place on the 13th of this month. Although it is hugely disappointing for members of the NPUK to know they won’t be on the start line or cheering from the sidelines on the day, NPUK have developed a great campaign which operates as our own GNR fundraiser challenge, the Great NPUK Revival.

As 2020 has been a year like no other, we want those in the community who are looking to fundraise, to base it on all things 20. Whether you love to bake, dance, run or sew, you can set yourself a “20 challenge” that suits you. Below are five fun ideas to get you started- but you can always come up with your own, the more creative the better! We hope that this will serve to revive 2020 and provide an opportunity to find a fun way to fundraise for NPUK!

1. Give something up

What’s been getting you through the lockdown? Netflix? Chocolate? Moaning? Wine? Why not try giving one of these things up?

Ask people to sponsor you to give something up for 20 days- we know you can do it!

2. Change up your style

Let your kids, flat mates or family members you live with choose your outfit for 20 days (or 20 hours if you could not bear the crimes against fashion)- post your photos on social media to share your shame and ask for donations from your followers.

3. Spend 20 hours learning a new skill

A new skill could be anything, perhaps mastering a few basics of a new language, learning a handful of new recipes or a new creative skill such as knitting.

Show what you have learnt to your friends and family, either in person, where possible, or through video call/ social media and ask that individuals make a donation. You could even encourage others to learn a different skill and teach each other.

4. Do a sponsored silence

Are you the family chat-a-box? Or perhaps you want a bit of peace and quiet in the house? Why not do a sponsored silence?

You could pledge to be silent for 20 hours and get people to sponsor you via social media. Or if you live with friends/family you could get everyone involved and pledge to all be silent- the first person to break it has to make a contribution to NPUK.

5. Have a 1920s themed night

Okay it may not exactly be a revival of the roaring twenties… but you can still have a pretty good virtual get together and for a good cause too.

Why not get together with friends and family over Zoom, or with individuals in person if it’s safe to interact with, and get dressed up in your twenty’s finery? Think feathers, frills and jewels- you don’t have to have the perfect outfit ready, get creative and use things you have around the home. You could even have a competition for the best dressed attendee. Ask those who are taking part to make a contribution to NPUK.

And there we have it! Another five fun ways to take up your own GNR fundraiser challenge this September! If none of these ideas have took your fancy, why not create your own fundraiser based around the number 20? Spread the word of what you’re up to with friends and family through social media.

Once you have decided on what you want to do, you can set up a donation page via Virgin Money, Just Giving or through Facebook. NPUK have also set up a PayPal Giving Page to make fundraising super simple.

If you want any more information on this fundraiser or more advice on how to get involved, contact us by email at: or by phone on: 0191 415 06 93.