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How to Register for the NPUK Digital Annual Family Conference & Interactive Workshop

Posted: 24.09.20

This year’s Digital Annual Family Conference & Interactive Workshop is getting closer and here at NPUK HQ we are putting together the final preparations in order to welcome you to the Conference on the 25th of September. 

As you are most likely are aware, or if you have read our Digital Conference program, this year’s  Conference will be largely hosted on the digital platform, WorkCast.  If you have registered for the NPUK Conference you will find the link to the event in your email confirmation, or thank you page. If you still need to register for the Conference you can do so here. The following post attempts to answer some common queries you may have when using the WorkCast platform for the first time:

How do I join the Digital Annual Family Conference & Interactive Workshop? 

Once you have registered for the event you will be sent a confirmation email to the email address you have registered for the Conference with. When the Conference begins on Friday 25th September at 9.30am you will be able to join the event by clicking on the banner in the email where it says “Join Event”, see image below.  Please note you will  be unable to join the event until 10 minutes before the Conference begins.  Prior to the event you can select “Add to Calendar” in order to receive notifications on your computer, phone or tablet when the event has begun.

How do I attend a webinar?

Once you have registered for the Conference and clicked “Join the Event”, you’ll be able to access the programme online and see the different Conference events taking place on the WorkCast platform.

When you have found an event you want to join, click on the link and you will be taken to the Digital Event Auditorium.  You can then press play and wait for the event begin.

There are no plugins or downloads needed to watch a webinar on the WorkCast platform, so all you need to do is join the event and ensure that you have high-quality headphones or speakers on your viewing device. WorkCast is also available on any device, so you can attend your webinar on any device – from you smartphone to your laptop, Mac or tablet.

If you would prefer to watch the on-demand version of the webinar, rather than the live event, you can attend the webinar by simply clicking through to the on-demand link provided by the presenter and viewing the event there. However, keep in mind that you still have to register to access the on-demand event.

Often, attendee phone dial in isn’t required, but if the webinar presenter chooses this option, you will be provided with a dial in number, session pin and individual user pin for the event when you register.

Can the presenter see you in a webinar?

If you’re attending a webinar for the first time and you’re wondering whether the presenter can see you, then the answer is no. The presenter cannot see or hear the audience throughout the duration of the webinar presentation, however, you may be able to submit questions to the presenter during a live session and answer polls.

Can the audience talk during the webinar?

Yes, the audience can chat with the presenter or moderator during the webinar via the Attendee Chat pod, either privately or publicly. Attendees can submit their questions to you, however, it’s up to the presenter to respond. They can do so in real-time during the webinar, or simply send their response via the Attendee Chat pod.

Moderators can also start a 1-to-1 chat with attendees from within the Private Chat tab, or a public chat within the All Chat tab.

How do attendees submit a question?

If attendees have a question to ask during a webinar they can submit their question using the ‘Ask a Question‘ function within the Auditorium. This function allows users to simply type their question into the questions module, so the presenter can respond in a timely manner. When the presenter answers your question they have the option to respond privately or publicly, however, the presenter may decide not to answer all questions to avoid repeating themselves.

What webinar software do I need to download?

None. WorkCast webinar software requires no downloads or plugins, so you can watch your webinars on any device, wherever you are in the world. WorkCast offer webinars with no downloads and no limits.

If you have any further questions, you can access the WorkCast FAQs for more information here. If you’re still unable to find the link to the webinar, you can talk to one of the WorkCast expert support team using the live chat pop-up on the WorkCast site, or contact WorkCast online and someone from the WorkCast team will get back to you.

Alternatively, at anytime during the Digital Conference Weekend you can get in touch with the NPUK team for help and support. Email or contact one of the team directly with any queries/questions and we will do our best to assist you.