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Lingxi Zhang Joins Our Latest Project!

Posted: 29.04.22

We are very excited to share that once again the incredibly talented animator Lingxi Zhang will be joining our latest campaign!

As you may be aware, Lingxi Zhang animated our previous short film Invisible Manners (2021). The film (view here) shone a light on invisible illnesses in all their forms, exploring the challenges that a person affected by an invisible illness can face, be it the reactions from others to the emotional turmoil and feelings of loneliness that are often commented upon and shared by those affected by an invisible illness.

Lingxi worked for a long time with Producer, John Lee Taggart, producing and reviewing the animation to best suit the narrated poem which explored the impact invisible illnesses can have on an individual. Using a varied animation style, Lingxi melded photography and animation to create a conflict between the outer world and the emotional inner turmoil the protagonist faces. Likewise, Lingxi delved into an abstract style to present the overwhelming nature of such emotions, and the way in which an individual affected by an invisible illness can feel completely isolated as no one understands their condition. We were so pleased with the final short film, with thanks to a large and varied team of people, and in particular we loved the manner in which Lingxi really successfully brought to life the narration and voices of the Niemann-Pick and rare disease community.

 Invisible Manners was intentionally rather broad in its message to suit a wide audience, who may have experiences of living with an invisible illness.  However, although the film itself was intended to represent life with any invisible condition, be it mental or physical, the project had been developed closely with our community through conversations, focus groups and online meetings, to ensure that we created a film that was as true to life as possible for those affected by an invisible condition.  This part of the project is intended to provide a deeper look into the patient/ family experience, with a more personal approach, through interviews with members of the Niemann-Pick community. The project will take the form of a video series for social media to explore the “hidden” lives of four people affected by Niemann-Pick disease in some way, with a focus primarily on the personal challenges that patients and families can often face, and the all too common negative or negligible reactions from the broader public. We also, via this video series, hope to explore more in-depth the lives of the four people involved in the interviews, look at their achievements and hopes, rather than oversimplifying their life through their condition.

Although the interviews themselves will be video footage, Lingxi is coming on board to produce the intro to the film which will be animated, and then will lead into the in-person filmed interviews with four members of the Niemann-Pick community. We knew we wanted to work with Lingxi again, not only due to her animation style, but also, as our latest project could be regarded as a companion piece to Invisible Manners and an explanation of the poem, we wanted to have some cross overs between the two pieces, showing they share one main strand of thought, “not all that you say is everything that’s there…”

We are really looking forward to sharing more about this project with the community over the coming months, we think it is going to be a really insightful companion to Invisible Manners and we hope our community gets behind it as they have done with our other projects in the past.