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New Year’s Revelations: Our Fundraising Future

Posted: 07.01.21

We can all agree that 2020 has not been the best year… bit of an understatement. For a lot of our community, we have been stuck indoors, distanced from loved ones and, at times, separated from the Niemann-Pick family. But, to look at the positives, this unprecedented year has inspired the Niemann-Pick UK team to put a lot of insight and energy into our plans for 2021 in the hope we can make it a fantastic year.

2020 was a strange year and we all had to quickly adapt to a new way of doing things. For many people, the Niemann Pick community included, this meant adapting how they fundraise. With mass events like the Great North Run cancelled, Niemann Pick UK created a new campaign the GNR (Great Niemann Pick Revival) to offer a way for our community to fundraise in a way they saw fit. In 2020 we were also inspired by the ingenuity of those in our community who were itching to raise money in a year when small charities were facing ongoing turbulence, a special shout out to Shona Beveridge’s Garden Marathon, who walked 26 miles in her garden in 6 weeks beginning on the 26th of April and raised an astounding £1,500, tripling her original target of £500!

In 2021 we are looking for even more ways to fundraise for Niemann Pick UK and we are sure that the NPUK Community will continue to impress with their creativity, ingenuity and enthusiasm when it comes to raising funds and awareness for NPUK!


So, there we have it, it is time to get excited for 2021 as Niemann Pick has lots of big plans in store for our community. Stay tuned for the next blog post, for even more New Year’s Revelations!