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Roaring Resolutions

Posted: 13.01.20

It’s officially the roaring twenties folks! We hope you continue to make many happy memories this year. Here at NPUK we are always looking for new ways to support one another, why not make a few resolutions that help the NPUK family? In this article we’ve outlined five ways you can help NPUK this year…

1. Fundraise

From organising a charity concert to shaving your head, there are so many fun and exciting ways you can help fundraise for NPUK! NPUK is entirely funded from donations and fundraising which allows us to continue the support of those affected by Niemann-Pick disease.

Perhaps after Christmas you want to get rid of some unwanted items, why not set up a bring and by sale at work, to raise some cash and start the new year slightly less cluttered! Or maybe you have indulged in one mince pie too many this festive season, why not take part in a sponsored walk, climb, cycle…or if you’re feeling extra brave, run?

Looking for some fundraising pointers? Check out the Get Involved section on the NPUK website for a range of fundraising ideas.

2. Start Writing

If you are looking to engage your creative side this year, why not get writing? Here at NPUK we welcome new additions to our blog and magazine. If you have an idea, whether it’s a story, blog post… haiku, we want to hear from you! (Especially if your rhyming is better than mine).

Drop our Communications Officer, John Lee Taggart a line, by either email at:, or by phone on: 07984 366 334, to get started.

3. Get Online

The majority of resolution posts may be telling you to ditch technology once and a while, and we tend to agree. But an easy way you can support NPUK is by engagement with our social media handles.

By liking, commenting on and sharing our posts we can help spread further awareness of NPUK and encourage new volunteers to get involved in 2020.

4. Stay Connected

A great way you can help other NPUK family members is simply to reach out and keep in touch with one another.
We always looking forward to re-connecting families at the Annual Conference and Christmas Party, but sometimes during the year it can be difficult to stay in touch when various other commitments taking precedence.

Perhaps you could organise a meet up with other community members in your local area, or even just ring another NPUK member and have a catch up.

5. Keep Positive

Make 2020 the year to look after you. Last year was filled with highs and lows, and it’s not always easy to remain positive. Self-care might appear a bit of a fad, but it is so important to take good care of your body, mind and soul every day. Ditch the guilt and this year try to carve out time to care for yourself.

Stay tuned this February for our Self-Care Campaign, during the lead up to Rare Disease Day 2020, where we will be offering some ways in which we can all engage in self-care in 2020. If you’re facing hardships or just want to hear a comforting voice on the other end of the line, you can always reach out to us at the NPUK at any time by email at: or by phone on: 0191 415 06 93 .

Researched and written by NPUK Communications Assistant, Eleanor Lily Taggart.