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Bereavement Support and Reflections Families

Losing a loved one is a very difficult time, but we are here to help and listen if you need practical or emotional support. We know losing a loved one can also bring many unexpected challenges (such as financial pressures or having to navigate paperwork), which can make an upsetting time more distressing.

Our Care & Support team is on hand to guide you, whether to talk through your options, offer practical advice or to help you or your family members to access bereavement counselling or other support in your local area. Our support is confidential, and it is here whenever you need it, whether your loss was recent or many years ago, and it is available for family and extended family members, friends, carers and professionals.

In our community, some people find it helps to write a eulogy in tribute to their loved one. This can be a source of great comfort and can be a wonderful way to remember someone special. We have created remembrance areas, offering the chance for you to celebrate the life of your loved one, by sharing a eulogy, memories, photos or poems about your loved one, if you would like to. You can learn more about setting up a remembrance page for your loved one here.

Reflections Families was set up specifically for those whose loved one has passed away. The main aim of this initiative is to combat the loneliness and isolation that can occur as a result of losing a loved one. Reflections Families aims to provide a safe and welcoming environment in which people who are going through similar experiences can support one another. You can learn more here.

The information and advice in this section is aimed at helping you or someone close to you cope with grief and deal with the practical issues after someone has died. Some of the terms we may use in this section are:

Celebrant – a person leading the funeral ceremony or memorial service; may or may not be of a particular faith depending on the wishes of the family.
Coroner – a person dedicated to determining a cause of death when the cause is unknown.
Eulogy – a written memory, tribute, or short message about your loved one, or something special to you and your loved one.
Faith Leader (Religious Leaders) – a person who carries out a religious funeral ceremony or memorial service.
Funeral Director (undertaker) – person who arranges the burial or cremation of the deceased.
Mortuary – an area where dead bodies are stored until they are buried or cremated, usually within a hospital or Funeral Director’s facility.
Post-mortem (autopsy) – an examination of a dead body to determine the cause of death.

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