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NPUK and the Hollie Foundation announce NPUK 2020 Support Fund

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and in recognition that many in our community are being impacted by lockdown, NPUK Trustees have designated £10,000 to create a new grant scheme for patients and families. The Hollie Foundation, in acknowledgement of our shared goals, has generously contributed a further £2,500, increasing our ability to provide much-needed-support:

The aim of this limited fund is to assist those experiencing hardship or unexpected expense as a direct result of the Coronavirus pandemic, which threatens to impact their physical or mental well-being.  A total of £12,500 has been designated to the Fund, enabling grants of up to £200 to be made in support of the following categories:

  1. Financial Hardship or unexpected expenditure

(Including but not limited to, food / grocery / household bills)

  1. To assist and encourage emotional or physical well-being

(Items or equipment for activities that may help to build resilience, increase confidence, reduce anxiety and help to ease isolation, including but not limited to, exercise equipment, games / craft & educational supplies / electronic equipment / garden play items)

You can apply in one or both categories. We aim to make the application process as easy as possible – just one form that you can complete yourself or with the assistance of our team. You can download the form here.  Decisions will be made quickly, on a needs basis and at the discretion of our team and funds released promptly.

The Fund cannot replace statutory funding and should only be used when all other avenues for support have been considered. As we want to help as many families as possible, we will only be able to accept one application per family per category.

If you are unsure whether you can apply or if you have any questions, our team will be pleased to discuss this with you – please be assured that all communication will be confidential:

Steve Neal, Families Officer,  Tel: 07787 818 885  Email:

Laura Bell, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Tel: 07791 499 555 Email:

Louise Metcalfe, Former Project Team Leader, Tel: 07423 112 139 Email:

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