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We know we’ve said it one hundred times before, but we’ll say it again just for good measure: we survive as a charity solely on the strength of donations raised by grants and fundraising. Without these we simply couldn’t exist, and as a result we wouldn’t be able to provide vital care and support for those individuals and their families and friends affected by Niemann-Pick disease(s)…and that’s why small charities, like Niemann-Pick UK, can often find themselves struggling when it comes to funding.

There are a number of ways in which you can get involved to help support us, including:

  • Run for Charity: this organisation showcases 250 of the biggest events in the U.K. from fun runs, 5K, 10K, half marathons, marathons, ultra runs to obstacle races, they make it easier to get involved and help support Niemann-Pick UK.
  • One Lottery: being part of One Lottery means that with your support we can help to generate regular sustainable funding for NPUK through a lottery draw, it’s a fun way to fundraise!
  • GoFundMe: you can raise funds for our charity or for specific purposes related to our community quickly and easily with GoFundMe, for example raising funds for specialist equipment, adaptations or fun days out for those affected by NPD.

You can find links to the above pages below, but just in case you are wondering why you should get involved, and what sort of change you can really make as one of our amazing fundraisers, we’ve put everything you need to know into the official NPUK Fundraising Guide – your one-stop-shop for fundraising with NPUK (see below, download available here).

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