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  1. 16.03.20

    INHERITED METABOLIC DISEASE AND CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): Advice for Patients / Parents / Guardians

    This is an updated version of the statement shared last week (13/3) regarding coronavirus (COV-19) containing new information.

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  2. 13.03.20

    NPUK Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

    A summary of our current information and advice on the coronavirus outbreak.

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  3. 06.03.20

    Open Letter to Rare Disease Community from Joe Fitzpatrick, Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing

    An open letter to the rare disease community updating on Scotland's position with regard to rare disease. The letter sets out detailed progress with regards to its the three priorities of the Rare Disease Strategic Oversight Group (RDSOG); coordination of care,raising awareness of rare disease amongst health professionals and research.

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  4. 05.03.20

    INHERITED METABOLIC DISEASE AND CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Advice for patients / parents / guardians

    Advice for patients / parents / guardians regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)...

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  5. 04.03.20

    IntraBio Extension Phase for Niemann-Pick C Accepted in United States

    Oxford, UK / IntraBio Inc. is pleased to announce that the Extension Phase for the IB1001-201 Clinical Trial has been accepted by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). The Extension Phase has also been previously approved by all European countries in which the trial is being conducted, including Germany, Slovakia, Spain, and the UK.

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