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  1. 31.10.16

    Niemann-Pick type C Disease - the tip of the iceberg?

    Summary Niemann-Pick type C (NP-C) disease is a rare neurodegenerative lysosomal storage disorder. It is highly heterogeneous, and there is limited awareness of a substantial subgroup that has an attenuated adolescent/adult-onset disease. In these patients psychiatric features, often a psychosis, may dominate the initial impression, although often there is an associated ataxia and cognitive impairment. Typically, patients experience a substantial diagnostic delay. In this review we highlight the importance of early recognition and discuss the pathophysiology, neuropsychiatric presentation and recent changes in the investigation and work-up of these patients, and treatment options.

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  2. 31.10.16

    Orphazyme: Update #11 on the AIDNPC Clinical Programme

    At the latest end-of-the-month AIDNPC telephone conference hosted by the sponsor, Orphazyme ApS, the following update on the recruitment into the ‘-001’ and ‘-002’ Studies was presented. Over the last month, no more patients have enrolled in neither of the ‘-001’ and ‘-002’ Studies, leaving the total at 35 patients enrolled to date at 12 European sites...

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  3. 28.10.16

    "No more tiredness - I look forward to it!" Rani Voncxz

    The days have been tiring recently for the family from Tessenderlo, but they endured the biweekly trips to Amsterdam for the tests with a smile! Not exactly surprising when you learn that this year marks sixteen years of searching…and that finally they have heard that treatment may be possible.,,

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  4. 28.10.16

    The Quinn Madeline Foundation Establishes First-Ever Niemann-Pick Diagnostic Carrier Screening Programme

    The Quinn Madeleine Foundation has partnered with Baby Genes Inc. to provide diagnostic carrier screening at no charge to hundreds of people impacted by Acid Sphingomyelinase Deficiency (ASMD), also known as Niemann-Pick Disease Types A & B, a severe lysosomal storage disorder. Type A (NPA) is always fatal by toddlerhood...

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  5. 27.10.16

    Perlara & Novartis: Join Fight Against Niemann-Pick Disease

    Perlara and Novartis join the fight against Niemann-Pick Disease: Perlara was founded in February 2014 and is the brainchild of molecular biologist Ethan Perlstein. Perlara is a biotech startup based in the USA, whose mission is to discover personalized cures for diseases rare and common...

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