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  1. 27.10.16

    Perlara & Novartis: Join Fight Against Niemann-Pick Disease

    Perlara and Novartis join the fight against Niemann-Pick Disease: Perlara was founded in February 2014 and is the brainchild of molecular biologist Ethan Perlstein. Perlara is a biotech startup based in the USA, whose mission is to discover personalized cures for diseases rare and common...

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  2. 20.10.16

    Star Online: Carers Star

    Star Online is an innovative system for supporting and measuring change when working with different client groups. It is well researched, widely used and recommended and from its initial development for working with homeless people, it now covers many different client groups. At NPUK we decided to introduce the Star...

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  3. 19.10.16

    Could you Benefit from an iPad?

    Are you an adult or are you caring for an adult with a Niemann-Pick disease? Would you like to be part of our exciting new project involving iPads? We have been very lucky to get some funding from the Big Lottery, as part of our Shaping our Future Together project, to extend our pilot iPad project to adult NP patients and their families...

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  4. 14.09.16

    NPUK: 25th Birthday

    This year marks the 25th birthday of NPUK. Over the last 25 years we have aimed to make a positive difference to those affected by Niemann-Pick disease every day. Our Annual Family Conference provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate this amazing milestone with our treasured families and supportive network of health professionals from all over the world.

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  5. 13.09.16

    Tony Somers: NPUK Conference Speaker

    This year we will be welcoming a very special guest speaker, Tony Somers. Tony is a professional life coach and trainer, who will be speaking to the men of our community in particular via a workshop session. The main aim of this workshop will be to help them work through difficult experiences and emotions which can all too often be suppressed and hidden away, rather than faced head-on and handled positively...

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