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NPUK Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Posted: 13.03.20

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been in the news since the outbreak began in Wuhan, China, at the end of December. This virus is now affecting people around the world, including the UK and is a source of concern for our community and many others.

Although relatively small numbers of people in the UK have been affected, the number is growing and is likely to rise further. We know that there are specific groups of patients who may be more at risk, including those affected by Niemann-Pick disease.

If you are feeling concerned about coronavirus for yourself and / or your family, you may be struggling to know where to find accurate information or what action to take. The links below contains NHS advice on coronavirus and information on the procedure for self-isolation:

If you think you or a member of your household may have coronavirus, you should contact your doctor by phone or use the NHS 111 service (online or 111 by phone). Please also contact your metabolic team, who will also be able to provide advice.

Tailored information for families in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland can also be found at:

Public Heath Wales
Public Health Agency Northern Ireland
Health Protection Scotland

In the Republic of Ireland the HSE contact details are Callsave 1850 241850 Phone: 041 6850300 or @HSELive or see

We will provide updated advice / information on our website ( and by social media as and when it is released.

During this difficult and unparalleled time, the NPUK team are still here to help, answer your questions or listen, please get in touch by email: or call our helpline: 0191 415 0693 or contact a member of our team at any time.