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NPUK Funded Projects

NPUK Funded Projects

NPUK encourages and promotes scientific and medical research into Niemann-Pick disease. We want to make it easier for research into Niemann-Pick disease to take place, and where appropriate, to enable UK patient participation in clinical trials. Due to the expense, expertise and other resources required to conduct research and clinical trials, we focus our activity on enabling and supporting these activities, rather than conducting them ourselves.


The NPUK Board of Trustees will consider applications for research funding as listed below, and will determine the nature of research to be undertaken in consultation with its Research Co-ordinator and Medical Adviser.  Where appropriate, guidance will be sought from an external expert scientific advisory board:

  • Facilitative funding – for seed grants, research fellowships, partnerships and ad hoc stop-gap funding
  • The Peter Carlton Jones Memorial Award

The Peter Carlton Jones Memorial Award

This annual award of up to £1,000 is made available to an individual who is engaged in either research, teaching, treatment or care in the field of Niemann-Pick disease, within the public or private sectors in the UK. The award is granted in response to the submission of a research project (not a literature review), which provides an original contribution to the scientific or public understanding of Niemann-Pick disease and/or its treatment.

How to apply

We are now inviting applicants to submit for the Peter Carlton Jones Memorial Award 2019…so if you have been taking part in a Niemann-Pick disease-based research project then find out how to apply below.

Submissions should be in the form of an abstract outline, on one side of A4 paper (approximately 600 words), which includes clear statements on the work undertaken, methodology, findings, and any principal features in regard to the nature of the project. Submissions should be made to:

Toni Mathieson
Chief Executive
Niemann-Pick UK
Suite 2, Vermont House
Concord, Washington NE37 2SQ
Tel: 0191 415 0693

Closing date for submissions: 31st July 2019

Applications will then be shortlisted by the Awards Committee, which may then lead to the potential requirement of further information and/or a project report, prior to reaching a final decision.

The successful applicant will be invited along to the NPUK Annual Family Conference and Interactive Workshop to receive their award and also to meet patients and their families and healthcare professionals associated with Niemann-Pick disease.

*Peter Carlton Jones was a highly distinguished and respected scientist. He was a leading figure in mentoring research students, and it is in honour of his name that this prize is awarded. 

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