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Route of Administration Preferences Study

Posted: 20.09.17


There is an opportunity for you to participate in a market research study about Niemann-Pick Type C, conducted by an organization called ApotheCom on behalf of an industry sponsor.

The goal of the study is to understand your preferences and concerns regarding the method through which a drug could be administered to manage Niemann-Pick Type C.

ApotheCom would greatly appreciate your participation by filling out a short survey and a follow-up 30-minute phone call to discuss methods of drug administration in more detail

Your personal information will remain confidential and will not be used for marketing purposes. A summary of your feedback will be shared with the company that is sponsoring this study for better understanding of the Niemann-Pick Type C community.

If you are a patient or parent of a child over 4 years of age with Niemann-Pick Type C and not currently enrolled in an industry-sponsored clinical trial for Niemann-Pick Type C, and are interested in participating in this research, please register using the link provided below: