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Star Online: Carers Star

Posted: 20.10.16

Those of you who attended our Annual Family Conference may have heard us mention the Star Online and how our staff are introducing it in our work with families. If not, please let us explain a little further!

So what is the Star Online?

Star Online is an innovative system for supporting and measuring change when working with different client groups. It is well researched, widely used and recommended and from its initial development for working with homeless people, it now covers many different client groups. At NPUK we decided to introduce the Star specifically developed for carers and recently undertook training to learn how to use the Star with our families.

Funders are increasingly asking us to measure the difference our involvement makes to families. Using a tool like the Carers Star helps us to evaluate and quantify our work and reflect on our own practices.

How does it work in practice? 

The Star Online is secure, confidential and participation is entirely voluntary. It is accessed online and covers different aspects of the caring role. Topics include health, finding time for oneself and managing at home. All answers are confidential, non-judgemental and help both us and families measure and summarise change and progress towards any goals. It is known as a Star because of its shape – answers to each point of the star relates to a different aspect of the caring role and can be scored between one and five, depending on how the respondent feels at that time. Over time, we can use these scores to measure change together with families.

How can I find out more or get involved?

If you would like to learn more or get involved with the Star, please get in touch with us at the NPUK office on 0191 416 1207 or email