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Tony Somers: NPUK Conference Speaker

Posted: 13.09.16


The NPUK Annual Family Conference is for everyone. We don’t want anyone to feel left out or overlooked…

With this in mind we strive to offer more and more each and every year, to ensure that we are tackling a diverse a range of subjects – and in doing so that our conference is as inclusive as possible for every member of the NPUK community.

This year we will be welcoming a very special guest speaker, Tony Somers at our conference (which will be held at Wyboston Lakes Hotel, Bedfordshire). Tony is a professional life coach and trainer, who will be speaking especially to the men of our community. The main aim of this workshop will be to help them work through difficult experiences and emotions which can all too often be suppressed and hidden away, rather than faced head-on and handled positively.

Tony brings with him a wealth of experience both professionally and personally; before he realised his true vocation he served for seventeen years as a fire fighter for the West Midlands’ fire service, which provided first-hand experiences of life and death. This is something which he continues to channel into his talks and interactive workshops, and one of the driving reasons why he is so immensely passionate about helping his clients work through any and all adversities they may face.

This session will be an extremely positive and constructive experience for everyone who attends.

Tony is looking forward to meeting the Niemann-Pick UK community – we hope to see you all there!