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NPUK Series: Invisible Interviews

Invisible Interviews is a documentary short film series that follows four families affected by Niemann- Pick disease, providing a deeper and more personal insight into some of the issues and challenges highlighted in our short film Invisible Manners. All interviews are now available to watch via our Facebook page and YouTube channel...

Annual Family Conference & Interactive Workshop 2023

Registration for our Annual Family Conference & Interactive Workshop is now open, an event in which our community can learn about research, clinical trials, and scientific progress alongside other NPD patients and family members. Dates: 24th-26th November 2023 - further information available in the 'News' section


NPUK Support Fund

Despite life slowly returning to "normal" in recent times, the NPUK Support Fund is still in place to help individuals and families within the NPUK Community. The aim of this limited fund is to assist those experiencing hardship or unexpected expense as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, as this could impact physical or mental well-being. Find out more information at:

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