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Introducing “Lucy’s Lottery”,  a campaign supporting NPUK

Posted: 13.09.23

Introducing “Lucy’s Lottery”,  a campaign supporting NPUK. Lucy Mathieson was born with an enlarged liver, jaundice and a spleen that was larger than normal, however it was only after a series of tests, that her parents Toni and Stewart, were told that their little girl had Niemann-Pick disease type C (NPC).

Toni writes: “We will never forget how we felt the day Lucy was diagnosed – it was a very tough day – shock and devastation, anger, grief – disbelief. NPUK were there with us throughout our journey, and their support and friendship were invaluable – especially when Lucy’s brother and sister were also diagnosed with NPC, and passed away, not long after birth.”

Toni now heads our small charity as CEO bringing personal experience, empathy, and a true passion to help others. She tells us ”Stewart and I know how important NPUK’s work and services are for families like ours, and we want to ensure they can continue. So, with Lucy’s cheeky smile in mind, we have agreed to support the creation of “Lucy’s Lottery” with the aim of raising funds for this purpose.”

Supported by One Lottery, a platform which gives players the chance to contribute to a cause close to their heart, “Lucy’s Lottery” will offer the chance for players to win weekly cash prizes and a jackpot of £25,000, all for just £1 per ticket per week.  With 50% of every ticket bought going straight to us, this is an easy way to support NPUK’s work.

If you’d like to enter, please visit and type Niemann-Pick UK into the “search for a cause” section. If you have any questions or would like help to enter, you can contact NPUK Fundraising Officer, Jenny Charman at any time:

We wish all of our players the best of luck and we look forward to sharing the news about our weekly prize winners!

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