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The Music of “Invisible Manners”

Posted: 27.08.21

As the development of our latest short film project continues we are continually inspired and impressed by the kindness we are receiving as a small charity, with many people donating their talents and time to make it a reality – including the musical maestros, Lilliput and Badger.

We want to show some love for the gents from the former band “Lilliput” (left to right); Daniel Waterston, Joe Collins, Joshua Hawick, Johnathan Hibbert, Jordan Miller, and Jamie Gilling, who have very kindly donated music for our upcoming short film project, “Invisible Manners”, and in doing so helping to further bolster the stable of talent we now have on board!

Despite now moving on to different ventures and projects, they did enjoy many years as popular performers with this outfit, in particular in the Tyne & Wear area where the NPUK Central Office is located. Their track “Heavy Clouds (Believe)” is a great glimpse into their many talents, the lyrics and tone of which we felt would serve as a very fitting and upbeat way to close the film in the end credits sequence…have a listen at the link here.

We also want to show some appreciation to the epic electronic duo Badger (Christopher Maltby and Simeon Soden) for their enthusiasm and kindness in supporting the project, proactively going out of their way to help us!

Badger have not donated their music but have also provided an edited short instrumental version of their atmospheric track “Manchild’s Cat” (feat. Crab Salon), specifically for use in the introductory title sequence for the short film. You can get to know Badger a little more, here.

Thank you again to everyone donating their time and talents to this project…with every passing day we are getting closer and closer to finalising, but as a small charity with a limited budget this is only happening thanks to displays of wonderful kindness like this!