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Community Statement from Kisbee Therapeutics [30th August 2023]

Posted: 31.08.23

Community Statement from Kisbee Therapeutics

August 30, 2023

We would like to thank the Niemann Pick community for being so welcoming to the Kisbee Therapeutics team over the past year. In a short time, you helped us to learn about your needs, how we could best engage with you, and what your hopes for the future are for you and your loved ones. We enjoyed having a chance to meet many of you at recent conferences as well as interact with physician experts and the incredible patient advocacy organizations working each day to help support the Niemann Pick community.

In recent weeks, a number of important events have occurred related to Kisbeeā€™s planned Niemann Pick C program including results from pre-clinical experiments, clinical trial feasibility assessments, and Regulatory agency interactions. As a result, our team has thoughtfully reviewed the different aspects of our program and today, we regretfully are informing you that we have made the difficult decision to no longer pursue our research program into Niemann Pick Type C. This decision was not taken lightly by our team, nor was it what the team hoped for when we began our research into this devastating condition. For myriad of reasons, we have determined that our program would face too many barriers and require too great an amount of time and resources before we would have a viable candidate for NPC. As an early stage company, we need to quickly bring forth a product that would have meaningful impact to patients and families using our technology platform and have determined that at this time, we are unable to do that in NPC. While we have seen signs of validity to our technological approach in NPC, those signs are not sufficient to justify the time and resources required to optimize our potential therapy specifically for NPC, and to try to do so would not be in the best interest of the community nor of our company.

We have talked with advocacy group leaders and physician experts alike to share some of our learnings as well as some of the barriers we would face in hopes that by contributing this information, we can leave the community with helpful information. We hope to be able to revisit this program in the future and reconnect with you all, but in the meantime, thank you again for your support.

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